At J&N Whitetails and Exotics, we also specialize in Registered Belted Galloway cow/calf operation located in the Texas Hill Country. They are commonly referred to as “Belties” or “Oreo cattle,” as a result of them genetically having a pronounced wide, white belt surrounding their midsection and an almost black coat on either end. The breed originates from Scotland and is monitored today by the CLRC, Canadian Livestock Records Corporation. The cattle are naturally polled, meaning they genetically have no horns, are usually very docile in nature and very friendly and curious, more so than any other of the bovine species we have worked with.

Belted Galloway cattle for Sale!

We’re proud to raise 100% all-natural grass-fed Belted Galloway Beef!

We love our cattle, and they provide both inspiring pasture art and superior all-natural grass-fed beef. Beef that is naturally lean, excellent for your health, and also delicious.

Our cattle are raised in a natural and low-stress environment and are hormone and antibiotic-free. This makes their all-natural beef product exceptionally tender, flavorful, and juicy. Our pasture animals will certainly catch your eye!

If you’re looking for Texas’s best Oreo cattle for sale, we at J&N Whitetails and Exotics are a premier choice! Our herd is healthy and thriving!

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