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Whitetails and Exotics

An unforgettable experience, outstanding amenities, exciting safaris while
making lifetime memories. Experience the serenity of the Texas Hill Country
while being surrounded by a unique and thrilling wildlife atmosphere


Premier whitetail
Deer Breeders

With a passion for wildlife husbandry, we strive to continually critique our
genetics in pursuit of being the premiere deer breeder in Texas, growing
consistent, quality deer for our client's needs.


Registered Belted
Galloway Cattle

We take Texas Size Pride in caring for and breeding exceptional
registered Belted Galloways


Premier African hoof
stock breeder

specializing in self-sustaining herds of highly desired
species such as Kudu, Gemsbok, and Zebra to name a few

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 Who We Are

We’re the Premier Texas Whitetail and Exotic Breeder!

Proud members of the Texas Deer Association, National Deer Association, Texas Exotic Association, Texas & Southwestern Cattle Ranchers Association, the National Belted Galloway Society, and the Texas Belted Galloway Association.

At J&N Whitetails and Exotics, we established our business in 2010 in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. We breed over 18 species of animals focusing on excellent genetic quality and animal husbandry. We buy and sell based specifically on genetics in our Belted Galloways and exotic stock, offering a well-managed ranch with challenging and exciting hunts.

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